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  • Fusion Custom Triathlon Printing, the Small Order Specialist

    October 09, 2015 2 min read

    Digital custom printing of logo’s and other artwork on to Fusion triathlon garments. With no minimum order and fast turnaround the Fusion’s custom printing model has carved out a niche in the small order quantity range of 1 to 20 custom triathlon garments. Uniquely bringing together high quality kit with the opportunity to individualise. Promoting your Company, Sponsors, Club, Charity, Artwork, etc.

    Fusion Custom Triathlon examples

    Key Benefits
    > Digital sublimation printing for best quality and performance
    > No Minimum Order
    > Fast Turnaround

    How does the Fusion Custom Printing work?

    All Fusion garments are manufactured in the Fusion factory in Europe, from which they then go to distributors worldwide.

    We (as a distributor) then has the custom printing technology and know-how, provided from Fusion HQ, to be able to add custom printing to Fusion garments on the ground locally.

    Printing is through digital dye sublimation on to any white fabric. Transferring dye directly into the fabric itself, not adding any layers, adhesives, etc. This produces a high quality, high resolution image with great clarity. It also means the fabric performance and technical capabilities are maintained, not impacting its ability to breath and stretch.

    The process simply requires providing logo’s / artwork, agree a mock-up to confirm design and go to print. Usually 1 to 3 days to be printed.

    Fusion kit is now specifically being designed with custom printing in mind. The Fusion Speed Suit being the most prominent, as per pro images attached. The top (white ICE fabric) purposefully comes as a ‘blank canvas’ for printing. The Fusion Speed Suits, including the new 'Speed Band' Speed Suit, on sale through Fusion Multisport are identical to those worn by pro’s and using the same custom printing process.

    On most Fusion triathlon tops and suits, 1 to 2 logos are offered complimentary, with a flat $7 per logo / print thereafter. The Speed Suit specifically includes a free front and back print, plus free Fusion logos if you’d like them.

    Andy Potts Fusion Speed Suit Custom Printing
    Andy Potts Kona 2015 Speed Suit, custom printing

    How can Fusion do small orders when others have minimum order quantities of 10 to 20?

    Commonly the process for producing custom clothing is to establish a design, print fabric and then manufacture the garment. The economics of this process are why 10 to 20 minimum order quantity required and up to 6 weeks is need.

    By Fusion manufacturing all garments, then we adding the custom printing locally, means it is feasible to do small order quantities, and be able to turn it around in a matter of a few days.

    In summary by Fusion designing and manufacturing all garments in Europe this ensures the highest quality kit, combined with Fusion Multisport then being able to add custom printing locally, means high quality individualised triathlon kit is available to anyone.

    For more information, details and custom printing examples see our Custom page.

    For custom printing enquires please drop us a line and let us know what you're thinking to custserv@fusionmultisport.com.au

    Fusion Custom Triathlon examples