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Technical Features

The Fusion High Speed suit is a short sleeved triathlon suit that optimises performance, comfort and protection, particularly in the heat and the sun. This triathlon suit performs equally well across all 3 legs of swim, bike and run.

Fabric Tech - SLi SuperBlack firm compression and Water Repellent technical fabric on the bottom, combined with SLi SuperFine on the suit top for additional breathability and comfort. UV600+ ICE (white) fabric panels, front and back, for the ultimate in sun protection and cooling.

Aero Sleeves - New aero sleeve fabric and design for improved performance and speed on the bike whilst not compromise comfort and performance across the swim and run. 

Breathability - Highly breathable fabrics aiding cooling, allowing moisture evaporation and providing sustained comfort. 

Targeted Compression - enhancing performance and comfort across swim, bike and run. A firm / compression fit on the bottom, minimising movement between fabric and skin and in turn the risk of chafing. Combined with a snug, but non restrictive, and comfortable fit on the top. Less compression on the top so as not to restrict movement in the swim, breathing and digestion. Front zip allowing for a more relaxed fitting top during the run. Flatlock stitching for additional comfort.

Performance - Clean minimalist design, compression fit, minimal stitching.

Cooling - UV600+ white fabric version is Cooling when wet & heat reflective i.e. minimising heat absorption. When wet and combined with air flow promotes the evaporative cooling effect i.e. the body's natural cooling mechanism.

Sun Protection - Short sleeved triathlon suit to cover up for greater protection, and including Fusion ICE Fabric with an SPF/UV rating of 600+. Fusion ICE fabric uniquely includes a ceramic compound within the fibres maximising UV reflection. Working like zinc sunscreen. The ceramic also making the fabric a Super Opaque white i.e. not see-through.

Water Repellent - SLi SuperBlack fabric fully water resistant, not absorbing water and moisture into the fabric (see image). 

Ventilation - YKK autolock quick release front zip both for venting and a more relaxed fit during run.

Chamois design - Low Profile 4 way stretch chamois designed for running, with dual independent layering for comfort and to combat chafing. Utilising a micro-fleece lined Super Roubaix fabric inner layer for maximum comfort against the skin. 

Pockets / Nutrition - New Aero Rear Pocket with easy access overflap for aerodynamics keeping pocket contents secure. Combined with tight fitted (body hugging) Pro Mesh energy pockets on each leg, carrying up to 2 gels each.

The FUSION short sleeved Triathlon Speed Suit is cooler, light and faster!

Made in Europe by Fusion.


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