Fusion Team - Age Group

Fusion Amateur Team Australia

Age Group Team

Founded in 2013, the Fusion Team was established with a vision of bringing together like-minded performance-oriented people who want to be a part of creating something new. Over the years the team has not only achieved great results, but also developed a genuine team culture.

High Performance Squad

Within the team we have the High Performance Squad. Elite age group athletes who are also team leaders. A wealth of knowledge and experience, and as team mates, sharing and supporting the entire Fusion Team. Plus also supporting some up and comers as Development Athletes.

Interested in joining the team?

What it takes

  • Performance driven, with your own goals / objectives.
  • Team player.
  • Representative of Fusion & the Fusion Team.
  • Australia / Asia Pacific region based.
  • Triathlon or Running.
  • Endurance focused.


  • Part of a Performance oriented team.
  • Race alongside some of the best AG athletes.
  • Team Exclusive Fusion Kit & Packages.
  • Fusion Team Discount on Fusion gear.
  • Closed Facebook group for team members.
  • Team meet ups and events.