Phoebe Nance

Nicknames: Phoeb, Mum
D.O.B: 06-10-1980
Home: Sunshine Coast, QLD
Sport: Trail Running

- 9th female overall Buffalo Stampede Skymarathon, 2016
- 1st female Blackall 50km 2017
- 1st female Wildhorse at Night 33km 2017
- 2nd “Aus-TRAIL-ia Day” night marathon 2018
- 1st Beerwah at Night Trail Half Marathon 2019

10 Questions with Phoebe

  1. What’s an average week in the life of Phoebe look like?
    Training early, home to get three kids ready for school, Teach Year 4, home to my own kids, eat dinner, walk the dog, sleep… repeat… weekdays! Weekends are much the same but with less time pressure (because daddy is home to help) and compulsory midday naps!
  2. What sports were you into growing up?
    Running and hockey (always had to play the position that did the most running!).
  3. What age was first trail race and where was it? Also your first Ultra?
    First trail race and Ultra (just) was Six Foot Track in Blue Mountains at 27 years old
  4. What motivates or drives you in the sport?
    My kids motivate me to get up and train – mostly because I know I’ll be a better mum to them but also because I want to show them what hard work can do.
  5. Favourite race and why?
    Buffalo Stampede in Bright Victoria…the energy, the vibe, the people, the fact that it’s kind of off the radar but it’s a huge achievement!! I want to do the Grand Slam there when I grow up – 10km and 1,054m vert Friday, 75km and 4,465m vert Saturday and 42km and 1,900m vert on Sunday.
  6. Greatest challenge or hurdle for you? How have you managed / overcome?
    The greatest hurdle for me is sharing the time I have between all the things I love - training and family. I don’t want to be away from my family for too long for each session and nor do I have oodles of time to train, so I get up early most days and go when they sleep. I also have a partner who loves his training so we have to tag team! My greatest challenge to date I think will come in May when I run 84km at night across Bali, to raise money for children’s education!
  7. Any pre-race rituals or superstitions?
    I lay out everything I need and pack my pack well before a race. I like to have a piece of homemade buckwheat toast and a cuppa before I go and wear my favourite socks.
  8. Any favourite post race or training indulgences?
    Indulgences on the weekends involves getting up extra early, training, having a shower then getting back into bed for a few hours sleep before the kids wake up! Then enjoying a cup of tea in bed.
  9. If you had to give someone looking to get into the sport, maybe stepping up to Ultra’s, what''s your key tip?
    Plan your week and organise everything… nutrition and timing are important!! Book in your training like you would a work meeting and plan meals based on how you’ll feel after a session and how much time you have. Also trust your coach!!
  10. If you could invite 3 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would it be?
    No one… between three kids, a 50kg dog and a cat I rarely get to enjoy dinner so I’d sit there by myself and enjoy eating it all to myself without having to get up from the table 17 times! But if I had to invite three… Rebel Wilson because she’s bloody funny and Russell Coight because he’s just as funny! And I better ask my partner Blake because he’d love to enjoy their hilarious company too.

In Action