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Technical Features

Short sleeved triathlon suit optimising performance, comfort and protection, particularly in the heat and the sun. The Speed Suit NRG performs equally well across all 3 legs of swim, bike and run.

Technical Fabrics - White fabric top constructed from Fusion ICE fabric. Black fabric bottom constructed from Fusion PWR fabric. Two versions of the PWR technical fabric, both made in Italy and both utilising LYCRA® POWER™ a certified compressive fabric. The ICE fabric also incorporating cooling technology.

Fit & Comfort - Unique fit for running, cycling and swimming. Particularly focused on ensuring performance and comfort across all three. A firm / compression fit, minimising movement between fabric and skin and in turn the risk of chafing. Front zip allowing for a more relaxed fitting top during the run. Flatlock stitching for additional comfort.

Performance - Clean minimalist design, compression fit, minimal stitching.

Breathable - Highly breathable fabric aiding cooling, allowing moisture evaporation and providing sustained comfort.

Heat & Cooling - White fabric version is Cooling when wet & heat reflective i.e. minimising heat absorption. The white ICE fabric, when wet and combined with air flow promotes the evaporative cooling effect i.e. the body's natural cooling mechanism.

Sun Protection - Short sleeve triathlon suit to cover up for greater protection with SPF/UV rating of 800. ICE fabric including a ceramic compound maximising UV reflection. Working like zinc sunscreen. The ceramic also making the fabric a Super Opaque white i.e. not see-through.

Ventilation - YKK autolock quick release front zip both for venting and a more relaxed fit during run.

Chamois design - Low Profile 4 way stretch chamois designed for running, with dual independent layering for comfort and to combat chafing. Utilising a micro-fleece lined Super Roubaix fabric inner layer for maximum comfort against the skin. Identical chamois to that used in the TRI PWR shorts.

Nutrition - Aero Rear Pocket with easy access overflap for aerodynamics keeping pocket contents secure. Combined with tight fitted (body hugging) Pro Mesh energy pockets on each leg, carrying up to 2 gels each.

Made in Europe by Fusion.


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