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  • FUSION Speed Suit, a closer look

    September 04, 2014 3 min read

    A closer look at the Fusion Triathlon Speed Suit. The first sleeved triathlon suit from Fusion. That said it’s been several years in the making, having been worn and tested by a number of pro athletes in 2013, with further refinement before its 2014 release.

    Tim Don Summary

    Our friends at FUSION UK, Korupt Vision and FUSION TEAM UK athlete Tim Don pulled together the following clip with Tim sharing his thoughts on the Speed Suit, a bit about life in Boulder and a good laugh at the end. Check it out.

    Tim is a 4 x world champion stepping up to 70.3 racing this year. 7 podiums from 7 starts, including a 3rd at the 70.3 World Championships in Mont Tremblant. Tim has been racing the Speed Suit all season.

    Key Features / Benefits

    A detailed list of features and benefits are outlined in the Speed Suit product description however the following are some additional thoughts / observations. Have had the opportunity to do some local road testing (Sunshine Coast, Australia) over the past few months.

    The Speed Suit really does bring together some of the best, and importantly race proven, elements of the well-established Fusion TRI PWR Band Shorts and SPEED TOP

    Fit and Comfort: Following from the above very much on par with the TRI PWR shorts and SPEED TOP in terms of fit and comfort. In particular the firm compression fit (black PWR fabric) of the bottoms minimising movement and the risk of chafing, combined with snug but slightly more flexible fit of the SPEED TOP (white ICE-PWR fabric). All in all maintaining the high degree of comfort for which Fusion has built a reputation.

    Performance across all three legs of swim / bike / run: A real emphasis on this. The Speed Suit does not focus on one at the expense of another, rather the best possible across all three.

    Swim: No noticeable restriction wearing under wetsuit, akin the SPEED TOP, and due to flexibility of ICE-PWR fabric. When folded down under swim skin and pulling on the top half post swim not too tight / difficult, even with it being wet.

    Bike: When in the TT position and the back is somewhat rounded / elongated this in turn stretches the back section of the suit and is where the slightly more flexible ICE-PWR fabric comes into play. This can firm up the fit a little bit around the shoulders and upper chest, which is not a bad thing from an aero perspective, but still comfortable.

    Run: Standing upright, with the correct fit, the suit should sit naturally i.e. snug fit but not overly stretched or restrictive in anyway, so comfy for the run. Additionally by cracking the front zip this helps relax the fit a bit further.

    NOTE: Suggest when trying on suit you include sitting on the bike and compare to standing up, so you can get a feel for both bike and run positions and get the sizing / fit right.

    Breathability & Cooling: Both PWR and ICE-PWR fabrics are highly breathable. In so far as the PWR bottoms go this allows moisture transfer, keeping you dry, which in turn contributes significantly to providing sustained comfort. Particularly on the run. The ICE-PWR fabric, same as the TRI TOP ICE POCKET and SPEED TOP, really aids cooling. Leveraging the evaporative cooling effect i.e. the body’s natural cooling mechanism. Even better when you dump water on it as often as you can. You also have the option to open the front zip for direct ventilation.

    Sun Protection: This is a big one for those in warmer climates like Australia. Over recent years, like many in AUS, I’ve become increasingly conscious of trying to limit sun exposure. Additionally I’ve historically worn tri tops and found the shoulders and in particular the exposed part of the shoulder blades can really cop it, particularly when in the TT position. The Speed Suit does a terrific job of providing sun protection while still being breathable.

    White top: The obvious choice from a heat reflection perspective when trying to stay cool, but it also provides a canvas for post-production custom printing (refer below).

    Custom Printing

    Post production sublimation printing is available on the white fabric top of the suit. Sublimation printing maintains the breathability and performance of the fabric. Please contact us for further details. 

    Wrap up

    A high performance suit but not at the expense of the comfort, functionality and durability for which Fusion is renowned.

    Price A$299 with Free Express Shipping in AUS and Free International Shipping.

    Thanks for having a read. Some additional images below.
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