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  • INCYLENCE socks  for running cycling and triathlon


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  • INCYLENCE Renewed 97 Evolution socks

    Renewed 97

  • Incylence Merino Socks


  • INCYLENCE Headband for Running and other workouts.


  • FUSION - Technically Better

    Fusion use only the best Italian fabrics and all products are made at their own factory in Europe. Having full control over the development and production puts them in a unique position to continually improve and adapt. Through extensive testing and with the experience gained of professional triathletes racing all over the world, they can provide you with the most comfortable, best fit and performance possible.

    FUSION SLi (SuperLight)

    Always looking to raise the bar in the performance of technical sports apparel the Fusion SLi (Superlight) project was born.

    The SLi products weigh less than 50% of the PWR products and include a number of speciality fabrics as part of a new Targeted Compression design. Providing firm compression fit where it is needed and less where it is not i.e. stomach area for digestion, chest area for breathing and shoulder area for swimming.

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    SLi SuperBlack

    SLi Superfine - Ultra lightweight and highly breathable, combined with a snug, but non restrictive, and comfortable fit.

    With absolutely no compromises during the research, development and production the final phase of testing involved Fusion professional triathlete Camilla Pedersen racing in
    SLi Triathlon tights at the big one, the Ironman World Championships at Kona.
    Validating performance in the warmest and most intense of racing conditions.

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    FUSION PWR Compression

    A High Performance Technical Compression fabric tilising LYCRA® POWER™ - a certified compressive fabric. The benefits of compression include reduced muscle vibration during exercise, reduced recovery time and improved blood circulation. Also provides exceptional moisture transfer to aid cooling and stay dry. A long lasting fabric which, with appropriate care, will maintain its compression characteristics.

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    FUSION Multisport Suit Tri Suit Fusion front zipper

    FUSION ICE Compression Fabric

    The benefits of the Fusion PWR Compression combined with leading sun protection and cooling technology. The white ICE fabric uniquely integrates a ceramic compound into the fabric fibres to maximise UV reflection, also the fabric does not absorb water in the same way, drying quickly and remaining lightweight even when wet. Plus also making it a super opaque white fabric, so not see-through.

    Actively cooling when wet, facilitating and promoting the body's natural cooling mechanism i.e. the evaporative cooling effect. Unrivalled performance in hot and sunny conditions. 

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