Ultraman Australia

May 13, 2015 1 min read

Ultraman Australia - FUSION Triathlon Speed Suit

It was great to have the inaugural Ultraman Australia in our backyard at Noosa. Ultraman is triathlon consisting of a 10k swim, 420k bike & 84k run, over 3 days.

An epic event and we were super impressed by all athletes. Definitely a special kind of triathlon. Not only a true endurance challenge but also a great atmosphere. Real camaraderie between athletes and their support crews. A huge congrats to all who completed, but also to the support crews.

It was a privilege to have two athletes in Fusion and both in the Top 10. Steve Gage 2nd overall and the fastest run split, with a slick 6:35 double marathon. This on the back of having been hit by a car on day 2! Also Tony Bryan 9th overall. Both getting the swim and bike done in Speed Suits and the run in a Vent Pro Top, all with Custom Printing.

Thanks to Steve and Tony for going with Fusion kit - no bigger test!

Was great to be a small part of the weekend and provide some support. Looking forward to next year!

 Ultraman Australia - FUSION Triathlon Speed Suit

 Ultraman Australia - FUSION Triathlon Speed Suit & Vent Pro Top

 Ultraman Australia run - FUSION Vent Pro Top