FUSION Care Guide Advice

June 11, 2015 2 min read

The following are important points from the Fusion Care Guide:
-  Wash before first use, WITH a splash of WHITE VINEGAR.
-  Max 30 degrees Celsius

Why no detergent?To Maintain Performance & Maximise Life of the garment. A key aspect of Fusion’s high quality and performance is the use of leading technical fabrics, and as a general rule detergents will degrade the performance and life of these fabrics.

Why White Vinegar & Pre Wear Wash? Vinegar has a mild acetic acid. The first wash, pre wear, helps set the fabric and the colours.

General Tip. Always try to wash ASAP after training / racing.


From time to time sports garments, by nature, get stained. Whether that be from perspiration / sweat, road grime, sunscreen, etc. Particularly when considering white fabric. The following provides some guidelines in regard to staining.

First Step - Try and put ASAP into some water with a splash of vinegar (as per the first wash) and let soak for little white. The mild acetic acid in vinegar acts as a stain remover, colour brightener and also helps remove perspiration odour by killing bacteria.

Mild Staining – Post soaking just wash as per care instructions i.e. max 30 degrees & no detergent.

Heavier Staining – Post soaking wash as per first wash i.e. also add bit of vinegar to the wash.

Final Step for the Toughest Stains – If using vinegar does not remove stain, then using a spray stain remover treat individual stains by hand and rinse / wash well immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE RE VINEGAR – We don’t recommend using all the time as the acidity in vinegar, with repeated use over time will not be good for the fabric.

As a general rule, to maximise performance and longevity of the garment, avoid the use of detergents, chemicals, treatments, etc. as much as possible. If travelling, say to a race, maybe just take a little bit of vinegar with you and wash / rinse kit in a bathroom sink.