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  • Fusion Triathlon Speed Suit, Racing v Training

    January 28, 2016 2 min read

    The growth in the popularity of sleeved triathlon suits is now evident to see, particularly in long course races. Suits such as the Speed Suit (NRG).

    Fusion Triathlon Speed Suit

    It is undoubtedly the future, but why? In the case of the Fusion Speed Suit, as well as being faster than a traditional tri suit, it is specifically designed for heat and sun protection so it makes perfect sense. Particularly with racing often taking place in warm and sunny conditions over many hours. With fabric development, such as the Fusion ICE Fabric, there is no longer a heat penalty to covering up and protecting yourself. The fabric is actually cooler when wet. So why suffer the age old shoulder blade burn, particularly in climates such as Australia where the UV is so high?

    While it makes sense to race in a Speed Suit most athletes are somewhat hesitant to be cruising around training in the suit. It’s understandable! Fair enough that you might not want to roll up to the local club ride in a Speed Suit… That said athletes ask, or state, well-worn triathlon adages such as “should be no surprises come race day”, “you should train what you race”, etc.

    The shorts are often the part of the apparel that athletes are most concerned about. Athletes understandably want to be able to ride and run long in training, so they can be confident in regard to comfort and performance, no chafing, breathability, etc. come race day.

    So what is the answer?

    For the Fusion range there is one. Fusion have a philosophy of extensive R&D and testing, then applying this to all relevant garments. So in regard to the bottom part of the Speed Suit, it is identical to the Tri PWR Band Shorts. For example the Speed Suit (NRG) White / Red and the TRI PWR Band Shorts.

    TRI PWR Band Shorts are identical to the bottom part of the Speed Suit i.e. fabric, stitching, chamois, side pockets, etc.

    So athletes can train in the matching TRI PWR Band shorts, and as such be training and racing in an identical pair of shorts.

    As always hope this has been of some help / interest and any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.