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  • January 11, 2020 2 min read

    How important are your socks?

    Choosing the right sock for the right activity is vital when training or competing. Get the sock choice wrong and it can make or break a training session or race. Blisters and sore feet is something everyone would like to avoid.

    There are numerous types and brand of socks on the market and finding a pair that works for you is sometimes a buy and try process and can be challenging to get it right. When looking for a sock for use in multi sport consider the following.

    Socks are made from different types of materials, the most common choices are 

    • Merino Wool - a material that comes form the merino sheep and is renowned for its excellent properties of softness and breathability. This makes it an excellent choice for sports socks. Merino wool socks are comfortable in cool or warm conditions.They absorb and wick away moisture from the foot.  
    • Synthetic Fibres - Blended fabrics are used in synthetic socks, these fibres wick away the moisture to keep feet dry and prevent blisters. They are durable, dry fast and moisture wicking. A commonly used fibre is CoolMax®. 

    Socks have different features also such as

    • Height - Socks come in different lengths and the height of a sock is sometimes a personal preference or style choice.
    • Fit - The socks should fit well in the toe and the heel. Getting this right is crucial. Check size charts as often socks are measured in European sizes. 
    • Reinforcement - Some socks have reinforcements in the arch to improve support. Together with the correct fitting shoe this can help with arch support.


    FUSION offer a range of socks that have different properties and lengths from cycling to race socks. There is a handy size guide online for choosing the correct size too.

    PWR Socks CLX are compression socks with Coolmax with enhanced moisture wicking properties. Leg length is 15cm and comes in fluro yellow or white. Use for cycling or running.



    PWR Sock MW -  Compression socks with merino wool for use all year round in all conditions. Available in black. Leg length 15cm. Use for cycling or running.


    Race Socks - Cool, lightweight and thin compression sock. Utilising Medical Grade compression to reduce movement, friction and the risk of blister Ideal for hot, humid and wet conditions. Available in white or black.



    "Perfect Racing Sock. Easy to put on, comfortable, light, breathable, no blisters ever!" Lucas 

    "These are fantastic socks. Felt comfortable on and both warm and cool at the same time....how do they do that? No issues with bunching in the shoe or causing any chaffing or problems. Good for the run too!" Steve

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