August 09, 2016 2 min read

Representing Your Country?  
Why not have your own unique kit?

The chance to Design Your Own with Fusion Custom Printing. Maybe racing the 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championship on the Sunny Coast or Kona?

Anything from a subtle flag through to loud and proud full Aus suit? The choice is yours!

The options are endless however to help we've pulled together some logo's to provide a menu from which to choose from. Also some concept designs to provide some ideas. Mix and match as you like!

No Minimum Order  |  2 Free Logo's  |  Fast Turnaround

1. Our logo's & / or your's. Can select from our logo menu and / or add your own logos (club, sponsors, company, charity, etc.)
2. Select garment(s). Design Concepts below are done on Speed Suit (Speed Band), however also recommend the new SLi Tri Suit or ICE Top, Tri Top NRG.
3. Option to add your name / nickname
4. Check out our Custom Printing page and send through an enquiry to let us know.


AUS Flags - Standard & Grunge

Stealth Roo, Long Black, with & without Aus text options

Grunge Roo, Long Black, with & without Aus text options  

Stealth Roo, Tall Black, with & without Aus text options

Grunge Roo, Tall Black, with & without Aus text options

Blue Roo, Long, with & without Aus text options

Grunge Roo, Long Blue, with & without Aus text options

Blue Roo, Tall Blue, with & without Aus text options

Grunge Roo, Tall Blue, with & without Aus text options

Team Green & Gold


Traditional,front and / or back, with or without name / nickname


Grunge Flag, with or without name / nickname & Grunge Roo




Stealth Roo, with or without name / nickname & Aus text 



Grunge Roo, Black, with or without name / nickname & Aus text



 AUS Blue Roo, with or without name / nickname & Aus text



Grunge Roo, Blue, with or without name / nickname & Aus text



Team Green & Gold, with or without name / nickname & Aus flag