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  • October 13, 2016 2 min read

    Fusion SLi Technical Fabric Triathlon & Cycling

    Since launching the new SLi range there's been plenty of interest of interest in the technical aspects which make them faster, lighter and more comfortable. In particular relating to the SLi Triathlon Shorts, Tri Suit and the SLi Cycle Bibs and questions around - How light are they? How are they water repellent? If water repellent how do they breath?

    Superlight - The SLi fabric weighs less than 50% of the PWR fabric used in the top selling Tri PWR Shorts. Also including real 4-way stretch woven fabric give a firm compression fit.

    Water Repellent - The SLi fabric is fully water repellent i.e. the fabric does not absorb water. In relation to triathlon this means the technical benefits of a Swim Skin are now available in tri gear. No water absorption in to the fabric itself makes it faster, lighter and more comfortable. This equally applies to bib shorts, with no heavy, wet and cold knicks when riding. Staying dry and comfortable in all conditions. Some video and images to demonstrate.

    SLi Tri Suit

    From athlete Jared Medhurst in Kona, training in SLi Cycling

    SLi Tri Shorts
    Fusion SLi Triathlon Shorts

    Breathability - The question when looking at the water repellent aspects that we get most often is, how well does it breath? The SLi fabric is not like a wetsuit i.e. it's not a completely impermeable layer. The fabric fibres themselves are designed to repel, and not absorb water, however the fabric retains the ability to stretch and breath at the same high standard as the Fusion PWR fabric has always done. It provides the same firm compression fit and when on, and 'stretched', at micro level the fibres open up i.e. small gaps between them, allowing it to be openly breathable. This in turn allowing for two, albeit related, things. Firstly allowing moisture i.e. sweat, to evaporate away as it would naturally, so as to stay comfortable and dry. Secondly, it helps regulate temperature. The body sweats to cool down and by allowing this natural cooling process (evaporative cooling) to occur it allows the body to regulate temperature naturally.

    Fusion Pro Camilla Pedersen - Kona, Hawaii
    Fusion SLi Triathlon - Camilla Pedersen Ironman World Championships

    With absolutely no compromises during the research, development and production the final phase of testing involved Fusion professional triathlete Camilla Pedersen racing in SLi Triathlon tights at the big one, the Ironman World Championships at Kona, Hawaii in 2015. Placing 8th and also validating the breathability and performance of the fabric in the warmest and most intense of racing conditions. Also racing in SLi in this year's Kona and placing 11th.

    Also the SLi Men's Triathlon Suit winning Ironman UK 2016 (see image below). 

    SLi Tri Shorts
    Now available see here
    Fusion SLi Triathlon ShortsFusion SLi Triathlon Shorts
    TT training - SLi Tri Shorts, SLi Jersey & Hot Wings
    Fusion SLi Triathlon Shorts in Training  Fusion SLi Triathlon Shorts

    SLi Tri Suit
    Front panel for custom printing. No minimum order. See examples below.
    Men's SLi Tri Suit is now available, see here.
    Women's SLi Tri Suit coming soon.
    Fusion SLi Triathlon Suit_FrontFusion SLi Triathlon Suit_Back

    Fusion Men's SLi Triathlon Suit  Fusion Men's SLi Triathlon Suit

    SLi Cycle Bib Shorts
    Men's SLi Cycle Bib Shorts now available, see here
    Fusion SLi Cycling Bib Shorts_Front  Fusion SLi Cycling Bib Shorts_Back

    Fusion Men's SLi Cycle Bib Shorts  Fusion Men's SLi Cycle Bib Shorts

    Made in Europe in Fusion's own factory.
    In-house manufacturing to ensure industry leading quality and performance.