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  • INCYLENCE Headband for Running and other workouts.


  • About us

    Sportswear and accessories that are technically better, to deliver the best results you are capable of.

    Ten years ago FM Sports founder John was on a mission to take his triathlon training and results to the next level. He wanted more from his sportswear and equipment to help achieve the best possible results.

    While competing in Europe, he discovered Danish high performance sportswear, Fusion, and was impressed with the results it gave and the pure performance aspect of the brand, it was next level from anything he had raced in previously. He saw an opportunity to bring the product line home to Australia.

    John visited the Fusion HQ in Denmark the Fusion Factory and saw how the products were made, using only the best Italian and Danish fabrics, extensive technical research and testing into each product. Fusion only producing what was needed, so no over production, no harmful chemicals used in the manufacture and produced in an ethical way. All the core values shared by us at FM Sports. Relocating to the Sunshine Coast in 2014 we became the exclusive Fusion distributor for Australian and New Zealand.

    Fusion Team was started in 2014 – a group of amateur and professional athletes who were keen to get the most from their equipment and sportswear too. A community of like minded athletes who support each other in what otherwise is an individual sport. You can see the Fusion Team in action racing in the Fusion Team Kit kit races around Australia and the support on course is fantastic from both fellow athletes and their supporters. Learn more.

    Our commitment to quality drives us

    Always looking at the performance aspect of the products as the key driver, FM Sports has stayed true to providing products that are technically better to provide the best possible results and comfort for age-group and pro athletes.

    Our focus is on endurance sports including triathlon, cycling, road running, trail running, adventure racing and multisport, training and support accessories. What sets us apart from other clothing retailers is a commitment to pure performance, providing our athlete customers with only industry leading products in terms of quality and technical performance, expert advice and excellent customer service from people who wear the products themselves. Call us and we'll have a chat about how we can help!

    Technically better

    We provide sportswear that allows athletes to be fully immersed in the moment of doing, training or competing, regardless of external conditions with comfort, performance and protection from the elements whether it’s heat, cold, wind, rain or Australia’s harsh UV rays. And we know our gear is the best of the best because we train and compete in it too.

    Unrivalled performance, comfort and protection using world leading technical innovations in sports apparel is our focus at FM Sports.

    Simplicity, minimalism and functionality are at the heart of who we are and what we stand for at FM Sports. We seek to push boundaries and deliver products that are as good as they can possibly be, performing well over time and beyond expectations.

    Fusion: the brand that started it all for FMSports

    Founded in Denmark, Fusion was formed in 1999 with the goal of becoming one of the world's leading high-performance technical sportswear brands. Through manufacturing precision, the use of high-quality technical fabrics and a constant drive to be innovative, Fusion has forged a reputation for making durable, functional and cutting edge products.

    From amateurs to professional athletes, this is the kind of apparel for people who want to improve their performance by choosing the best most comfortable gear to support their performance.

    With all products manufactured in Europe using only the highest quality materials, Fusion has become a brand that is synonymous with engineering excellence. Fusion has a rich heritage in the field of multisport, particularly triathlon, and has earned a cult following among endurance athletes.

    As a market leader throughout Scandinavia with strong popularity in other European countries like the UK, Fusion is now available for athletes in Australia at FM Sports and in the Asia Pacific region.