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    Ben Galea

    Nicknames: Benny G, Benny Boy
    D.O.B: 7-12-2000
    Home: Monegeetta, Vic
    Sport: Triathlon

    - VIC Triathlon Series AG champion 2 Years in a row.
    - Winner of Victorian AG State Series 2 years in a row.
    - Podium and First place finishes in races including Challengea Melbourne and Shepparton.

    10 Questions with Ben

    1. What’s an average week in the life of Benny G look like?
      Training, Training and more Training ... Unfortunately that's not all! At the moment my life consists of getting up early most mornings and getting stuck into either swim, bike or run sessions, before its back home for breakfast and off to Uni where I'm studying a Bachelor of Exercise science. I go to Uni 3/4 days a week and train 6-7 days with one day being a rest or swim only day. Also thrown in the mix I work part time as a lifeguard at a local pool which also takes up a few hours 3 or 4 days of the week. Weekends are spent training and then sitting on the couch relaxing after a big week.
    2. What sports have you been into through school?
      Throughout my younger years and through school I played football and cricket, while also competing in athletics and cross country running events.
    3. How’d you get into triathlon? When and where was it?
      I got into triathlon through my family, my dad always ran and enjoyed keeping fit, I ended up getting dragged along with him before he decided to purchase two road bikes for each of us. That was 4 years ago and since then our family has fallen in love with it, resulting in my dad completing in Ironman triathlon, my brother completing in short course and now myself converting into long course triathlon.
    4. What motivates or drives you in the sport?
      To see how far I can get in the sport. I want to see how far I can push my body and see what I'm capable of winning. One day I dream of going professional and racing the pro circuit with the end goal of qualifying as a pro in Kona, Hawaii.
    5. Any favourite race as yet and if so and why?
      My favourite all time event has to be Ironman New Zealand, although I haven't as yet competed in this event After attending in 2019 I fell in love with it. From the venue, lake Taupo, and its beautiful scenery to the home town support IMNZ is the most exciting and amazing race I've been to and I cant wait to return and run down the red carpet. For me the crowd and the atmosphere are what make a great event and New Zealand is just next level!
    6. Greatest challenge or hurdle for you? 
      Biggest hurdle would have to be the constant juggling of my training and everyday life!! Trying to get the balance between studying full time, training, work and my life around all that can be difficult. Sometimes early morning sessions, long hours revising and working late is the only way to stay on top of everything, but its these sacrifices we have to make to complete this amazing sport of triathlon!!
    7. Any pre-race rituals or superstitions? 
      Always have the same breakfast before a race, oats with banana and sultanas. Not sure why but I had it before my first race and have done so every race since.
    8. Any favourite post race or training indulgences? 
      I do love a good quality burger... I have to hold back during training but as soon as any race is finished I get stuck straight into one!!! Also chocolate ... I mean I don't think anyone can resist that when its in the pantry!
    9. Still early days for you but do you any particular races, goals or objectives over the medium to longer term?
      In the short term I will be looking at starting my career in long course triathlon with my first half in Port Macquarie this year. After that I hope to continue in both a bit of short and long course until hopefully gaining enough experience and fitness to compete at the Ironman World champs in either 70.3 or full Ironman distance. With the end goal to race professional and be competitive with the worlds best.
    10. If you could invite 3 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would it be?
      Craig Alexander, Pete Jacobs & Chris McCormack. All Aussie Tri legends that i would love to follow in the path of and aspire to be like!

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