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    Jay Thomas

    Nicknames: Thommo
    D.O.B: 03-11-1981
    Home: Dee Why, NSW
    Sport: Ironman Triathlon

    - 1st 35-39 (6th overall), Ironman Malaysia 2018
    - 30th 35-39 Ironman World Championship 2017
    - 1st 35-39 (5th overall),70.3 Port Macquarie 2017
    - 3rd 35-39 (15th overall), Ironman Australia 2017

    10 Questions with Jay

    1. What’ an average week in the life of Jay look like?
      Like most age group triathletes, my days start early. Generally it’s a 3:30am start on the bike or 5:30am swim. The rest of the days are filled with running a small business and being a husband and dad.
    2. What sports were you into growing up?
      Surf lifesaving and Soccer.
    3. What age was your first tri and where was it? Also your first Ironman?
      My first triathlon was also my first Ironman - Ironman Australia 2016. I was 34 years old.
    4. What motivates or drives you in the sport?
      I’m 100% motivated by improvement and reaching my maximum potential.
    5. Favourite race and why?
      Kona! The weeks prior, the race itself and the family holiday. I just love it all.
    6. Greatest challenge or hurdle for you? How have you managed / overcome?
      My biggest life challenge was In the years preceding triathlon. I was is a massive rut, with a lot of unhealthy habits and very unmotivated in all aspects of life. I entered my first triathlon to give me the motivation to get in shape and give me some structure and discipline in my life.
    7. Any pre-race rituals or superstitions?
      Always eat in with the family and usually a pasta dish.
    8. Any favourite post race or training indulgences?
      Post race, always pizza and beers
    9. For someone looking to get into the sport, or maybe stepping up to Ironman, what would be your key tip?
      Just to be patient. In training, big improvements don’t happen over night it takes many months and years of consistency to start seeing results.
    10. If you could invite 3 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would it be?
      Ian Thorpe, Eliud kipchoge & Lionel sanders