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  • September 25, 2017 2 min read

     Fusion Team Logo

    We're growing up. A new look, along with a newer and bigger team. Expanding on the success of Fusion Team Aus over the last few years. 

    Who is the Fusion Team 2.0?

    Still an age group triathlon team with a focus on performance, however now an expanded team providing support to age group athletes at all levels to perform at their best and reach their goals. Racing alongside some of the best age group athletes within a unique team structure and performance based team culture.  

    Maintaining the High Performance Squad within the team, along with the primary focus on endurance events i.e. middle to long distance racing. However not exclusively, as we look to also expand on the multisport aspect of who we are. Be it mixing it up with some adventure racing, trail running, mountain biking, etc. 

    Fusion Team APAC - Also expanding geographically from Australia to the Asia-Pacific region i.e. APAC, so as to embrace all those within the region we are fortunate enough to be able to support as Fusion athletes. 

    Key Objectives?

    Performance - the High Performance squad will continue to focus on results in long course triathlon, however the Performance element of the team culture is equally applicable to all and a key element of the team. Maintaining and growing a culture of Performance, which supports each team member to achieve their own goals and objectives.

    Team Culture - build on the team culture already developed within the Fusion Team Aus high performance squad. In a nutshell, bringing the benefits of team sports to triathlon. Getting to know team mates, sharing knowledge, experience and provide support to help each other achieve. 

    Giving Back & Build the Sport - encouraging and fostering new starters and / or those looking to step to longer course racing throughout the region.

    Each of the above also aligning with our own, and Fusion's, mission to deliver unrivalled quality and performance combined with giving back along the way. 

    We're super excited by this next stage in the growth and evolution of the Fusion Team in our part of the world. Great to be supporting those who've supported us. 

    We're excited by the concept and to see how it evolves and grows... Hopefully we will be in a position to look at inviting more athletes into the team in the not to distant future....

    Looking forward to the upcoming season!

    Can follow the Fusion Team on
    Fusion Team Facebook
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