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  • October 20, 2017 3 min read

    Ironman World Champion 2017 Patrick Lange_Fusion SLi Speed Suit_Sleeved Tri Suit

    Huge congrats to Fusion Pro Patrick Lange, Ironman World Champion 2017 and new course record holder!

    Winding the clock back to last year, Patrick was on debut at Kona. Off the bike in 23rd place and then running a blistering 2:39 marathon through to 3rd position. Breaking Mark Allan's 27 year old course record from back in 1989. A podium and run course record as a Kona rookie, happy days! 

    Returning in 2017, Patrick came off the bike in 11th and with another blistering run, of 2:39, was able to run through all ahead of him to take the win. Along with setting a new overall course record of 8:01.  

    Two Kona's, and two sub 2:40 marathons, super impressive!

    Ironman World Champion 2017 Patrick Lange_Fusion SLi Speed Suit_Sleeved Tri Suit

    While it might seem that Patrick has burst onto the Ironman triathlon scene, this is culmination of years of dedication, hard work and diligence. Having supported Patrick for several years the absolute commitment and meticulous attention to the detail has been evident from the start. This including extensive research on each and every piece of equipment, with SLi Speed Suit Patrick wore in Kona being no exception.

    "In a race as hard as the Ironman Hawaii, it is the so-called marginal gains, that can make the difference between success and failure. This suit is fully optimized for the demanding environment of Hawaii" says Per Nissen from Fusion.

    To delve into the technical details behind the SLi Speed Suit.

    The suit has different panels, each of which has a unique function and technical components, remaining super comfortable and flexible for the swim, super fast during the bike and critically run optimized - the last and final stage where the body is most fatigued and stressed. The genuine all-round ironman triathlon sleeved suit, optimising performance across each leg.

    Aerodynamics and Sun Protection

    The suit has a unique SuperWhite material in front and on top, which hugs the body tightly and is aerodynamic, while simultaneously providing sun protection of 800+ SPF. This panel is filled with Nano titanium dioxide particles. These particles also provide active cooling when they get wet, and this part of the suit thus prevents body temperature from rising. In practice this means that the body uses fewer resources on staying cool, remains fresh for longer and the skin avoids exposure to the sun.

    Woven Rather than Knitted

    Patrick has, of course, also wind tunnel tested to obtain the optimal aerodynamic position and also tested suits. The SLi Speed Suit coming out on top, with one key element being the suit staying 'clean' i.e. not creasing and folding when moving around. This helped by the elastic zipper. The sleeves and the panels around the lumbar area are made of a special kind of ultra fine mesh (SuperFine), which fits to the contours of the body shape and skin with minimal resistance to movement. The same mesh is added on the stomach and side panels, to ensure pressure is also kept to a minimum so not to restrict the stomach for digestion and the chest for breathing.

    The SuperBlack material on the legs is woven to achieve true 4-way stretching and true sports compression with 12-10 mmHg of pressure, and constructed with new highly technical water-resistant fibres. Not absorbing any moisture, staying super lightweight and maintaining a perfect fit through swim, bike and run, and in all conditions - wet or dry. The chamois locked in place minimising movement, friction and risk of skin irritation.

    The combination of materials used delivers supreme comfort and functionality.

     Other details adding to the Marginal Gains

      - The suit is Super Lightweight, and the medium size weighs only 191g
      - Aero rear pocket
      Oekotex fabrics that ensure there are no harmful substances that affect the skin.
      Made in the Europe by Fusion.

      SLi Speed Suit Now Available in black/white, with
      Custom Printing option.
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      Fusion SLi Triathlon Speed Suit_Sleeved Tri Suit