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  • August 06, 2019 2 min read


    What is Chafing and why do you get it?

    Chafing is a result of friction that occurs when skin rubs against itself or clothing. Excessive moisture on the skin such as sweat or rain can exacerbate the effects of chafing making your run uncomfortable and therefore unenjoyable.

    Add to this hot and humid conditions like we experience in Australia and Asia and it can be a recipe for disaster for the runner.

    One way to prevent chafing is by choosing the right clothing. Choose clothing that is tight fitting and made from synthetic fabrics  Avoid loose fitting clothing that traps in moisture between your clothing and skin.

    What to look for when choosing run or triathlon clothing - 

      • Seams - flat lock seams. 
      • Material - choose fabric that dries quickly, avoid cotton. Synthetic fabrics with moisture-wicking properties are a much better option.
      • Short length - prevent chafing by wearing longer running shorts to create a barrier between the skin and upper thighs, ideally 5-7" inch length.


    FUSION run gear uses technical fabrics that have exceptional moisture-wicking properties made from Italian fabrics that actively wick the moisture away from your skin keeping you dry which prevents chafing.

    The popular C3+ Run Short has an inner tight combined with an outer short, flat lock stitching and a 5" leg length. This short also has 2 side pockets hidden on the inner tight for nutrition or phone. (Unisex fit)


     The C3 Run Short is longer in length at 7" and has an inner tight that is ultralight and soft to prevent chafing, uses technical moisture-wicking fabric and are extremely comfortable to wear from the short 5km runs to marathons.  


    C3+ Run Short - "Amazing product! Extremely comfortable and perfect for the weekly long run. No chaffing or irritation to report after a few months of use.The pocket fits my iPhone snugly and I can't even tell its there once I've tucked it away." Paul 

    C3 Run Short - "These are my go to shorts, not only for running but also sessions in the gym. It’s so hard to find a run short that prevents chafe but the built in inner tights do just that. The outer fabric holds very little moisture and drys super quick too." Jay