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  • June 19, 2019 2 min read

     Fusion Team Luke Lambley Trail Running

    It's been brilliant supporting age group racing in triathlon for a number of years now. Not only to provide some support to great age group athletes, performing at the highest levels and achieving great results, but also to see a real team culture grow.

    Fusion Team - Performance + Giving Back

    Check out the FUSION TEAM PAGE

    We’re spreading our wings... Over the last 12 months the introduction and success of Fusion technical kit into trail running has been terrific. Adapting proven technology for running specifically. With a number of runners wearing SLi run kit at events locally and internationally. Check out blog post on The Fusion SLi Run Tights Difference here…

    It's also be terrific to have some great runners already on-board and embracing the Fusion Team concept and helping spread the word including Phoebe N, Sarah F and Todd M, along with a couple of triathletes already jumping across, including Jared M and Josh H.

    We have also welcomed on-board our first developmental trail runner, Luke Lambley. Young Luke is a great athlete, but also a great story and pleasure to be providing a little support along the way to Luke on his trail running journey. See 10 questions with Luke here

    We think it is a great fit and a natural evolution for Fusion so looking forward to having a crew of trail runners on the team.

    We're offering the opportunity to apply for a limited number of positions on the Fusion Team as follows.

    Team Membership

    All Including:
    Fusion Team Exclusive Racing Package:
    - SLi Run Tights
    - SLi T Shirt (with Fusion Team branding)
    - Socks - Race Sock 2 pack, C3 Sock & PWR Sock (CLX or MW).
    - Fusion Team Trucker Cap and Fusion Bottle.
    - Fusion Team rate of 25% off the full Fusion range. Exclusive to team members.

    Membership $249 (value $409).

    Also the option to add Training Package:
    - C3 Singlet (with Fusion Team branding).
    - Men, Run Shorts or C3+ Run Shorts
    - Women, C3 Short Tights Pocket or C3+ Run Shorts

    Additional $94 (value $148).

    You can see the team kit in action on the Team Page and the Team Insta.

    Fusion Team Trail Running

    Fusion Team Trail Running

    Limited number of memberships available. Open to athletes in our part of the world - Australia and Asia Pacific region.

    If you'd like to apply please complete an application form here - Fusion Team Application

    Applications will close on 30 June.

    Join the Team!