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  • March 09, 2017 1 min read

    Fusion SLi Triathlon Speed Suit

    Next Gen in Technical High Performance triathlon apparel, and in particular for long course competition. Building on the success of the Speed Suit, Fusion R&D continue to push technical boundaries to deliver unrivalled Performance, Comfort and Protection from the elements. The SLi suit the result of extensive research and testing of all elements of the Speed Suit. As such the SLi Speed Suit really is the next generation. Key design developments include:

    New SLi Fabric - Faster, Lighter and more Comfortable. Superlight, at over 50% lighter and no water absorption. Also Super Breathable, not only to keep you dry and comfortable but also facilitate the body's natural cooling mechanism, the evaporative cooling effect. For more info see SLi Tech including video and images.

    Fusion SLi

    ICE Fabric - SPF 800 sun protection and cooling. Keeping the engine i.e. you, running cool supporting efficiency and speed, and protection from harmful UV. As used by Patrick Lange, Patrick Lange, 3rd place, Kona 16. The white ICE fabric on front and back panels of the suit maximises sun protection, heat reflection and cooling on in key areas. For more info see ICE Tech

    New Aero Rear Pocket - New Aero Rear Pocket with easy access overflap for aerodynamics keeping pocket contents secure. Combined with tight fitted (body hugging) Pro Mesh energy pockets on each leg, carrying up to 2 gels each.

    Free Custom Printing Option - Option to add sublimated logo's to white (ICE) fabric panels on front and back. 2 x Logo Prints offered Complimentary, with No Minimum Order. See Custom Page for more details.

    Made in Europe by Fusion.

    Now Available. See SLi Speed Suit

    Fusion Triathlon SLi Speed Suit - Front

    Fusion Triathlon SLi Speed Suit - Side
    Fusion Triathlon SLi Speed Suit - Back