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    Ben Bell

    Nicknames: Bighouse, The Chief
    D.O.B: 16-01-1975
    Home: Wollongong
    Sport: Ironman Triathlon

    - 2015 Kona 1st 40-44
    - 2016 70.3 World Championship - 2nd 40-44
    - 2017 Kona 3rd 40-44

    10 Questions with Ben

    1. What’s an average week in the life of The Chief look like? 
      Chaos, I work 12 hr shifts on a 4 week cycle so every week is different. Just focus on getting the key sessions in. Long ride/run and a track set. I have 2 daughters they are into everything so training and life is based around their training and my work schedule.
    2. What sports were you into growing up?
      Rugby league, played junior reps and up to first grade level. Little athletics was a bit of an all rounder. At 18 found surf boat rowing and competed in the old Uncle Toby’s series and got to travel around Australia competing, loved every minute of it for the best part of 17 years until I started Tri’s. Recreationally loved surfing and snow skiing.
    3. What age was first tri and where was it? Also your first Ironman?
      35, Kurnell sprint end of the 2010 season. Signed up for Ironman Australia in 2011 with 2 races under my belt. Had the winter to get training and finished 3rd in 35-39 and 13th overall and punched my ticket to Kona.
    4. What motivates or drives you in the sport?
      Just to do my best, and show my daughters the importance of a healthy lifestyle and the fun you can have along the way. The big races like Kona are also big motivating factors.
    5. You competed and won your age group in Kona in 2015. Was there a time when you set becoming age group world champ as a goal and then what was the journey / build up to achieving it?
      Finished 6th in Kona in 2012 and missed the podium by 20 seconds, that gave me the belief I could mix it with the best over there. My main goal was to get on the podium in 2015. Just trained my backside off during the winter. Worked on my weaknesses and got stronger on the bike. Turned up injury free and thankfully everything went to plan
    6. Any pre-race rituals or superstitions?
      Heaps, always have the same food race week and race morning breakfast. Typically the same build up for Port year in year out. Same with Kona, follow the same formula year in year out. Stay in the same place do the same pre race sessions, arrive the same day etc. I can be pretty painful in the week before a big race.
    7. Any favourite post race or training indulgences?
      Ice cream / chocolate pre race. Couple of beers always go down well after a race.
    8. For someone looking to get into the sport, or maybe stepping up to Ironman, what would be your key tip?
      Consistency is the number 1 thing, get that long ride/run in week in week out. Enjoy what you are doing it is supposed to be enjoyable after all. If you don’t like going to swim squad at 7:00pm on a Friday night or missing your kids footy game on Saturday morning do something about it.
    9. Any involvement in the sport outside of racing?
      Love watching my girls race. My ultimate goal would be to do Kona with them one day (My goal not sure if it is there’s) Just started TriBell Training. Think I have a bit to offer and am enjoying the journey so far. Any one out there with big goals and are looking for consistent results get in touch.
    10. If you could invite 3 people to dinner, dead or alive, who would it be?
      My grandfather, passed away before I was born. Would love to meet him. Duke Kahanamoku, Olympic champion, Hollywood star and the original waterman. Mohamed Ali, the best

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