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    Introducing Evolution: The Eco-Champion Run Sock from our Renewed Collection!

    Gear up for your athletic adventures with a guilt-free conscience wearing our Renewed collection run socks. These socks aren't just your ordinary workout companions; they're a testament to our commitment to sustainability and preserving the planet we love.

    Crafted with meticulous care in Portugal, these socks redefine eco-friendly performance. Here's where the magic begins: 97% of these socks are made from recycled yarns and fibers. Incorporting ECONYL®, a regenerated nylon derived from a remarkable source—ocean and industrial waste. Fishing nets, carpets, and other discarded materials that have exceeded their lifetime are given a new purpose in these socks, empowering you to tread the path of sustainability without compromising style or functionality. These socks are surprisingly super soft in feel and very comfortable.

    Designed for athletes who demand excellence, our Evolution Run Socks boast reinforced components strategically placed to provide unmatched comfort and durability. With strengthened areas under the foot, on the heel, and at the toe, these socks can handle any challenge you throw their way, ensuring your every step is cushioned and supported.

    The high-cut, double-layered cuff is a sweat-absorbing marvel that shields your feet from moisture, preventing it from reaching your shoes. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by dampness and hello to a dry, irritation-free experience during even the most intense activities.

    We know breathability is essential, so we've incorporated a breathable mesh in the instep, allowing your feet to stay cool and ventilated. With targeted compression in the midfoot area, these socks provide the perfect fit, preventing slippage and ensuring your focus remains solely on pushing your limits.

    Extra padding at the toes and heel area delivers unparalleled cushioning, elevating your performance and providing the support you need. This added feature doesn't just enhance your comfort; it also guarantees durability, so you can rely on these socks for countless workouts to come.


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