• SLi Speed Suit

    Mar 09, 2017

    Fusion SLi Triathlon Speed Suit

    Next Gen in Technical High Performance triathlon apparel, and in particular for long course competition. Building on the success of the Speed Suit, Fusion R&D continue to push technical boundaries to deliver unrivalled Performance, Comfort and Protection from the elements. The SLi suit the result of extensive research and testing of all elements of the Speed Suit. As such the SLi Speed Suit really is the next generation. Continue Reading >>>

  • Fusion ICE Fabric - Sun Protection (SPF 800) & Cooling

    Jan 30, 2017

    The highly technical Fusion ICE fabric provides unrivalled Sun Protection and Cooling. With SPF 800 and active cooling. The following provides some background on the R&D as well some additional information and technical details.  

    Having supported elite athletes racing conditions with high sun and heat, such as Kona, over many years, Fusion went to work on designing a fabric which will best aid athletes in these conditions.

    The Fusion ICE fabric was developed with the following design criteria:
    - Sun Protection
    - Cooling
    - Aerodynamics
    - Comfort & Performance equally across Swim, Bike and Run.

    Continue Reading>>>

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