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  • April 20, 2019 3 min read

     Fusion SLi Trail Running Tights

    Trail running by its very nature involves varying terrain and conditions, a key part of the appeal. Many races, particularly longer events such as ultra-marathons take place in some of the most stunning and challenging locations around the world. Events such as the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc (UTMB) internationally and the likes of Ultra Trail Australia (UTA) and Tarawera Ultra Marathon in NZ a bit closer to home.

    Given the varying and challenging conditions one of the obvious questions is around gear. For example, what is the best shorts to wear for UTA? There is a good chance it could be hot, cold, wet and dry all in the one race...

    The objective is to be as comfortable as possible regardless of the conditions.

    The shorts, given the risk of chafing and some serious discomfort, are often front of mind and rightly so…  Particularly when getting wet as fibres absorb moisture, swell up, get heavier, tending to move more, and with greater friction.

    Fusion SLi Superblack technology removes that risk.


    The technology initially developed for Ironman Triathlon and in particular the world championship which takes place in Hawaii involves highly variable conditions across swim, ride and run. In particular water and moisture from the swim and sweat, combined with finishing with a marathon. Fusion, a leader in triathlon and adventure racing, such as Coast to Coast, has applied the same technology and benefits to trail running compression tights.

    The benefits:

    Superlight - The SLi fabric weighs less than 50% of the equivalent Fusion PWR tights.

    Compression – 4-way stretch woven fabric give a firm compression fit all over.

    Water Repellent - The SLi fabric is fully water repellent i.e. the fabric does not absorb water. No water absorption in to the means it staying dry and comfortable in all conditions. Some video and images to demonstrate.

    Breathability - The question when looking at the water repellent aspects that we get most often asked is, ''how well does it breath?'' The SLi fabric is not like a wetsuit i.e. it's not a completely impermeable layer. The fabric fibres themselves are designed to repel, and not absorb water, however the fabric retains the ability to stretch and breath. When on the fabric is designed to stretch, firstly to give the firm compression fit. Secondly, although you can’t see it, at micro level the fibres open up i.e. small gaps between them. Allowing it to be openly breathable. This in turn allowing for two, albeit related, things. Firstly allowing moisture i.e. sweat, to evaporate away as it would naturally, so as to stay comfortable and dry. Secondly, it helps regulate temperature. The body sweats to cool down and by allowing this natural cooling process (evaporative cooling) to occur it allows the body to regulate temperature naturally.

    Side Pockets - Tight fitted (body hugging) FUSION energy pockets on each side / leg, carrying up to 2 gels each or mobile phone.Fusion SLi Run Tights_ Side Pocket in Action

    Unrivaled comfort and performance in all conditions

    Review posted from Cath
    "I wear these for ultramarathons and training in a variety of conditions, and they excel in all. Light and comfortable, they don't retain water so you don't get "sweaty wet" on a run. The other advantage is wearing them in the rain, they don't soak up the water - so you don't get chilled! I wore them on some cold rainy/misty/windy days up in the Grampians and they were brilliant. They shed the water and stayed dry, so my legs didn't get chilled in the breeze. Great shorts for every occasion"

    Fusion SLi Run Tights Pocket

    Trail Running Fusion SLi Run Tights Pocket

    Check out more reviews, details and In Action images see... SLi Run Tights Pocket

    Happy Trail Running!