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  • May 14, 2019 3 min read

    Bali Hope Ultra

    Right from the start a key aspect of the Fusion Team has been about giving back to the sports we love and the people in it. So when one of our own, Phoebe Nance, decided to take on a epic challenge in Bali all in name of giving back we're on-board. 

    Fusion Team Phoebe Nance, Trail Running

    On 25 May the Bali Hope Ultra kicks off. We had a chat with Phoebe to get the low down on the event and what's been involved in the preparation for race day. 

    What is the Bali Hope all about?
    Bali Hope ultra is an 84km trail run with over 1,500m elevation, done overnight from one side of the island of Bali, to the other. This year, a team of 22 runners from all over the world will be running to raise money to fund children’s education in one of the poorest parts of Bali. It is in this northern part of the island where a significant percentage of families live in extreme poverty so the aim is to raise enough money to provide scholarships for children over there, to allow them an education and hence, break their cycle of poverty. 

    Any particular reason why this charity race / adventure appealed?
    This run appealed to me on so many levels-mainly the chance to give back to a sport that has kept me healthy and focused for so long. A chance to also combine two of my greatest passions, trail running and children’s education. An opportunity to do something for someone else. The challenge of 84km in a beautiful part of the world is also up there!!!

    As well as being a mum and teacher how do you fit in training the double ultra-marathon? 
    Days are full put it that way!! I work full time and so does my partner-he also likes to train for his own events so it’s juggle. I plan everything-what we will eat each day, the groceries I’ll need, the pickups and drop offs, the after school activities....most of the time it’s like a dance and it goes well!! Sometimes the alarm is set in the 3’s to allow training to happen before my partner needs to go training or I need to get to work. Some days are double days. Sometimes we have toast for dinner. Sometimes I’m so tired I fall asleep when I’m putting the kids to bed, only to wake up and eat something then go back to bed. Sometimes I forget where my phone is while I’m talking on it. And sometimes, I’m so all over everything that I feel like a super hero!!!

    What special preparations on the day will there be? What challenges do you expect to overcome?
    We start at 7pm at night so I’m imagining the day will be tough trying not to over analyse everything. Some movement, good food, plenty of sleep and some planning. There will be a blessing ceremony before we run which sounds incredibly special. Challenging aspects I think will be staying awake!! I don’t drink coffee so maybe I’ll need to start that day!! Also the wild dogs might be a challenge....I’ve had my rabies vaccine!!

    How can we all support? 
    I am close to my target of A$7,500 but not quite there yet. If anyone would like to support me and help break the cycle of poverty for kids over in Bali please donate through my everyday hero page (link below). Thank you!!!


    Please get behind Phoebe, every dollar in support helps! 

    On behalf of all the Team wishing you all the very best Phoeb's! An epic trail running challenge and making a real difference along the way. Can't wait to hear how it goes...