• Custom Printing Offer - 2 Piece Triathlon

    Sep 01, 2017

    With the popularity of our existing offer of Free Sublimation Logo Prints on Speed Suits, we please to extend this to full priced 2 piece triathlon suit combinations. This includes any top and bottom combination from the following... Continue Reading >>>

  • SLi Tech - SuperLight, Water Repellent & Super Breathable

    Oct 13, 2016

    Since launching the new SLi range there's been plenty of interest of interest in the technical aspects. In particular relating to the SLi Triathlon Shorts, Tri Suit and the SLi Cycle Bibs. How light are they? How are they water repellent? If water repellent how do they breath? See Video & Continue Reading >>>

    Fusion SLi Triathlon Shorts  Fusion Men's SLi Triathlon Suit

  • New Short Sleeve Triathlon Tops

    Oct 06, 2016

    It's Kona Race Week! The Ironman Triathlon World Championships is where the legendary Fusion Speed Suit was forged. Designed specifically to provide:
    Sun Protection  |  Cooling  |  Aerodynamics

    FUSION Triathlon Speed Suit Ironman World Championships

    Over recent times we've had plenty of athletes say to us they love the Speed Suit but can I get it a two piece? So here it is the introduction of the Short Sleeve Tri Top... Continue Reading >>>

  • Fusion SLi Fabric, Game Changer

    Jul 01, 2016

    Always looking to raise the bar in the performance of technical sports apparel the Fusion SLi (Superlight) project was born. The result being not simply an improvement but a game changer. Continue Reading >>>

    Fusion SLi Fabric, Camilla Pedersen Ironman Triathlon World Championships 2015

  • Fusion Triathlon Speed Suit, Racing v Training

    Jan 28, 2016

    The growth in the popularity of sleeved triathlon suits is now evident to see, particularly in long course races. Suits such as the Speed Suit (NRG).

    It makes sense to race in a sleeved triathlon suit, such as the Fusion Speed Suit, but what about training? Shouldn't I train and race in the same? Continue Reading >>>

    Fusion Triathlon Speed Suit

  • Fusion Pro Results, Ironman World Championships 2015

    Oct 12, 2015

    Fusion pro results and pictures from the Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kona 2015. Andy Potts, Camilla Pedersen and Brent McMahon. Continue Reading >>>

    Fusion Pro's Ironman Triathlon World Championships, Kona 2015

  • Brent McMahon Ironman Debut

    Jun 03, 2015

    Fusion Team member Brent McMahon a Canadian, 2 x Olympian and multiple Ironman 70.3 winner, might be a new triathlon name to some in regard to IRONMAN racing. But with 2 Ironman triathlon races, 2 x podiums and 2 x sub 8hr times, including the fastest ever Ironman debut with a 7:55, he is now well and truly on the radar. Some thoughts from Macca and Luke Bell on Brent's IM debut...

    Chris McCormack "Two Ironman events and twice under 8 hours. Brent is the future of this distance. Incredible racing for such a rookie to this distance. Watch out for him in Kona."

    Luke Bell "In the last 6months @tribrentmcmahon has to be the BEST performed athlete on @ironmantri circuit. 2 x Ironman SUB 8hrs! What's you slowest IM ahh 7.56"

  • Racing in the Heat, what's important re kit?

    Feb 12, 2015

    Given many long course triathlons take place in warmer parts of the world it’s not surprising that we often get asked questions along the lines of:
    - What should I wear for a hot race?
    - What’s important when it comes to kit and racing in the heat?
    In summary there are three key considerations, or criteria, we suggest you should consider when evaluating what you will wear when racing in the heat.
    Continue Reading>>>

  • Fastest Debut Ironman of All Time

    Nov 26, 2014

    Wow. What a debut at Triathlon Ironman Racing. Huge congratulations to Fusion Team member Brent McMahon. The Canadian is a dual Olympian having stepped up to triathlon 70.3 racing in 2014 with 3 race wins, and finishing off the year with a phenomenal performance at Ironman Arizona. Brent's overall time was 7:55:48, winning the race, completing the fastest ever Ironman debut and the 15th fastest of all time. Continue Reading>>>


  • What are the best triathlon shorts?

    Aug 21, 2014

    Fusion Triathlon Shorts, TRI PWR Band Shorts
    A common question and worth spending a bit of time contemplating. When you think about it they are a critical piece of kit. Not only in regard to performance but also how enjoyable, or not, your tri experience will be. Discomfort, chafing, etc. can all put a pretty big dampener on things. The goal should be to put on your shorts and not think about them again until till you take them off. If so job done.

    The aim in writing this is not to try and tell you which are the best tri shorts, but rather provide some thoughts and suggestions re how to go about evaluating and choosing the best triathlon shorts for you.  Continue Reading>>>

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